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AGU 2011 (New!)

GAIA members attended the fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in San Francisco, Dec 4- 9, 2011. Click the links below to see the posters presented.

  1. GAIA -- An Approach to Modeling Complex Socio-Economic Impacts & Responses to Climate Disruption (pdf | Presenter: Larry Paxton, JHU/APL)
  2. GAIA: A Systems Approach to Manage Climate Disruption Risks in Public Health & Security (pdf | Presenter: Glen Fountain, JHU/APL)
  3. The Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality & Respiratory Disease: MD/DC Metro Area (pptx | Presenter: Alpana Kaushiva, UMBC)
GAIA Climate Change Infographic

We want you to 'take away' something useful and pertinent about global climate change. How can that be done? Can we grab your attention with some key issues and pretty graphics? We'll try. Let us know how we do.

New Deeper Search Capability Available to GAIA Members

GAIA members requested better search capabilities - and now the GAIA team has provided them!  Now GAIA member profiles can be searched along with complete content searches.  These capabilites are available through 2 new links on the left sidebar: "Find GAIA Members" and "Search GAIA Content".  Now you can find that person who's name you can't remember by searching for their affiliation or whatever else you can remember of them.  And of course, this capability is only available to logged in GAIA members, not to robots searching for e-mail addresses to spam!


New Fields Added to User Profiles to Better Enable Collaboration

New searchable text fields have been added to user profiles to list areas of Interest, Current Work, and Experience.  Take this opportunity to update your profile now!  Click on "My Account" at left - then click the "Edit" tab, and then the "Personal Information" subtab. The new fields have been added at the bottom of the page.  These new fields will be displayed on the "Gaia Members" page.

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The Need for a New vision for Science, Policy and Leadership

(Climate Change as an Opportunity)


About GAIA

GAIA is a new initiative at The Johns Hopkins University connecting decision-makers with the research community. GAIA's focus is on climate disruption and its effects on society. The key to the GAIA approach is building connections through a series of topical cyber-enabled workshops. These workshops feature a structure that brings together people from a wide range of disciplines to exchange ideas and information, to assess and prioritize needs, and to develop approaches to addressing those needs.

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