Visualizing the Impact of Climate Change with GAIA

TitleVisualizing the Impact of Climate Change with GAIA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsStrong, S, Schaefer, R, Kaushiva, A, Paxton, L, Higgins, A


The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is creating an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment to address the impact of climate change on national interests through the Global Assimilation of Information for Action (GAIA) project. The purpose of the GAIA collective is to explore consequences, gaps, and resolutions for specific concerns arising from a changing climate. As part of this exploration, we have begun to develop visualization tools and techniques to illustrate the impact of climate change on subjects ranging from public health to crop production with the intention to better inform scientists, policy-makers, educators, and the public. Here, we present key features of the GAIA visualization website and highlight specific, simplified methods of using climate model, medical, and meteorological data to illustrate the impact of climate change on individuals and society. The GAIA website can be used as a resource for individuals to add information relevant to visualization tools and discuss the use of tools and data in varying contexts. Simple and concise analysis and visualization is required to emphasize the critical importance of climate change adaptation strategies.

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