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Weather Patterns and the Introduction of Diseases New to a Region

by Steven Babin, MD, PhD

An introduction to the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

by Mia Cellucci

Roni Neff, PhD, SM, Research and Policy Director of the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future and Assistant Scientist with the school’s Departments of Environmental Health Sciences and Health Policy & Management, will discuss sustainability issues related to food production and food security at the Climate, Climate Change, and Public Health Workshop next week.

Finding Information in Public Health

By Christina K. Pikas, MLS               

One of the complexities of climate change research is that it is interdisciplinary, or if not strictly interdisciplinary, then multidisciplinary. GAIA aims to do some things that are quite difficult: bridge the gap between scientists and policymakers and promote conversation among a diverse group of scientists.

Climate Features and Patterns of Disease

by Steven Babin, MD, PhD

What is the GAIA Virtual Observatory (GAIA VxO)?

by Shay Strong, PhD

Introduction to Climate Change and Public Health

by Steven Babin, MD, PhD

Introducing the GAIA blog

Hello and welcome to our blog. In this space we'll post short essays on topics of interest to the members of GAIA. You'll hear about new reports and scientific findings, about how to collaborate online, and more from our experts. Stay tuned!

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