Education Resources

This page lists some resources appropriate for K-12 education.

For Students

Climate Kids. A NASA website for grades 4-6 with games, videos, and things to read.

EPA's A Student's Guide to Climate Change. See, in particular, the section on health and take an expedition to learn about climate change and infectious diseases.

Project BudBurst. Citizen science for all ages. Monitor plants to better understand plants and climate change. The site also teaches students how to observe and track plants through leafing, fruiting, and flowering.

Wellcome Trust Health and Climate. Site with articles and activities related to the health impacts of climate change. Includes a simulation game with a teacher's guide.


For Teachers

AAAS Science Net Links: Abrupt Climate Change. This is a lesson plan for high school children to learn about climate change.Search the site for other climate change topics.

Climate Change from NOVA. A video segment with discussion questions and mapping to state standards (requires login). For grades 6-12. Describes the difference between weather and climate.

Global Climate Change: Understanding the Greenhouse Effect. Lesson plan for grades 6-12. It includes videos, experiments, background information, and questions.

NASA Innovations in Climate Education. This site compiles resources and links to data to support climate education.

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Global Monitoring Division Teacher Lesson Plans. This is a detailed set of lesson plans for elementary through high school. Each module includes background information for the teacher. Modules include Climate Model Predictions, Climate Change Scenarios, and Controlling Global Warming.

NIEHS Environmental Health Perspectives What’s All the Buzz About? Vector-Borne Diseases and Climate Change. This is a lesson plan and student handout for the 6-12 grade.


Are you climate literate?

View NOAA Climate Program Office's page, brochure, and videos on climate literacy at

Looking for additional resources? Search the National Science Digital Library for climate change and health.