Public health preparedness of post-Katrina and Rita shelter health staff.

TitlePublic health preparedness of post-Katrina and Rita shelter health staff.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBrahmbhatt, D, Chan, JL, Hsu, EB, Mowafi, H, Kirsch, TD, Quereshi, A, Greenough, GP
JournalPrehospital and disaster medicine : the official journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine in association with the Acute Care Foundation
Date Published2009 Nov-Dec
KeywordsCivil Defense, Cyclonic Storms, Disasters, Humans, Louisiana, Mississippi, Public Health, Public Housing, Red Cross, Refugees, United States, Voluntary Workers

During 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck the US Gulf Coast, displacing approximately two million people. With >250,000 evacuees in shelters, volunteers from the American Red Cross (ARC) and other nongovernmental and faith-based organizations provided services. The objective of this study was to evaluate the composition, pre-deployment training, and recognition of scenarios with outbreak potential by shelter health staff.

Alternate JournalPrehosp Disaster Med