Residential traffic and children's respiratory health.

TitleResidential traffic and children's respiratory health.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKim, JJ, Huen, K, Adams, S, Smorodinsky, S, Hoats, A, Malig, B, Lipsett, M, Ostro, B
JournalEnvironmental health perspectives
Date Published2008 Sep
KeywordsAir Pollutants, Child, Cross-Sectional Studies, Humans, Multivariate Analysis, Respiratory Function Tests, Vehicle Emissions

Living near traffic has been associated with asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Most studies, however, have been conducted in areas with high background levels of ambient air pollution, making it challenging to isolate an independent effect of traffic. Additionally, most investigations have used surrogates of exposure, and few have measured traffic pollutants directly as part of the study.

Alternate JournalEnviron. Health Perspect.