Heat-related deaths during the July 1995 heat wave in Chicago.

TitleHeat-related deaths during the July 1995 heat wave in Chicago.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsSemenza, JC, Rubin, CH, Falter, KH, Selanikio, JD, Flanders, WD, Howe, HL, Wilhelm, JL
JournalThe New England journal of medicine
Date Published1996 Jul 11
KeywordsAged, Air Conditioning, Cardiovascular Diseases, Case-Control Studies, Chicago, Female, Health Status, Heat Stress Disorders, Hot Temperature, Humans, Immobilization, Male, Multivariate Analysis, Odds Ratio, Risk Factors, Social Isolation, Transportation

During a record-setting heat wave in Chicago in July 1995, there were at least 700 excess deaths, most of which were classified as heat-related. We sought to determine who was at greatest risk for heat-related death.

Alternate JournalN. Engl. J. Med.